AudioCD Protection

I bought an audio CD, but I can’t play it on my PC due to stupid protection. :frowning:
I tried with AnyDVD which removed protection from most CDs, but not this one…

When opened in Windows Explroer it just shows the data files from that player, but shows no audio files. :frowning:

I have a pic of the message I get when I put in the CD.

It wants to install some crap player, but I don’t want it.

Can the protection be somehow removed so I can rip the CD and play it on my PC?
Thanks. :slight_smile:

download Aray Scanner to scan which copy protected the CD is using.

Hold DOWN the shoft key and don’t install anything, then open EAC should do it. Most of these new protections are all software based :wink:

It says: Cactus Data Shield 200 5.00.150

So now what? :slight_smile:
Is there a program to remove this stupid protection?

rip it with EAC


OK, thanks! :wink:

There’s a problem.
I opened EAC, it showed me all the audio tracks on the CD.

BUT when I right-click a song, all the options are disabled, I can’t rip it! :frowning:

Please help!

ok two things may have happened. First of hall have you configured EAC properly? try searching the net for EAC configuration files. Secondly Maybe you have the drivers installed, Correct me on this but the drivers prevent drives to read the audiofiles.

Umm what drivers?
I didn’t install anything from that CD…

Maybe you should try to install what the CD asks you to?

Ummm, merther02 that software could prevent EAC from ripping the tracks aswell as playing the songs

CDS300 installs the anti-rip trojan as noted on their site, 200 didn’t but that could be a newer version. NEVER install any software from an audio CD as it’s a security issue if you do :smiley:

phllp what is your Hardware? CDS200 is hardware dependant as it is full of C2 errors, Plextors are the only drives I have used that can rip all tracks. Most cannot rip track01

no use clone cd from
copy the holl cd with out the data tracks
with no errors if you use a good burner.
if you want a profiel for clone cd sen my an email.

try feurio!

hmmm… i think AnyDVD will remove the prtection, then just rip/copy with anything :slight_smile:

ben :slight_smile:

ps. probibly better to rip it to mp3/wav format (as these can store NO copy protection data), then burn back to cd, thats what i do with protected audio cds, then i can be sure the protection is truely gone :slight_smile:

EAC can rip to WAV + CUE which can then be burnt back with no protection.
That’s what I use.
Also when ripping CDS 200 with EAC make sure to rip in Fast Synchronized mode as Secure mode will lengthen the ripping time by hours. (Seems to find many errors on every track.)


why does everybody use Exact Audio Copy, i use AnyDVD and WMP10 as my mp3 ripper, or AnyDVD and iTunes if it is a scratched disc.

Ben :slight_smile:

why WMP10?, i use Winamp

yeh, ok, i meant there are loads of rippers, but why do people here allways choose EAC?

ben :slight_smile:

EAC is most up to date on many audio protections, and helps people that don’t always have current enough hardware. Keep in mind, some audio protections are hardware dependant and simply won’t work or be accessable with some optical drives no matter what you do.