AudioCD problem

I have Asus DVD-ROM E616A2, firmware: 1.03, and I have problems with reading Audio CDs under Windows 98. Every Audio CD have just 1 song, lenght 250 minutes, instead of 10-20 songs, and there is no sound if I play that song. Firmware is up to date, I installed ATAPI drivers, but nothing again, audio cable is connected to DVD-ROM/Sound card, tried changing jumper master/slave and changing IDE Cable but nothing again. I know I can resolve problems by installing windows ME, but that will be last thing I will do… And everything works with old Benq cd-rom reader. Please give me some advice.

Thank you

What player software have you used?

Hello tnx for fast reply, I tried with winamp, windows media player, and CD Player (internal part of win98), same problem, and just 1 file is in explorer too… I sent email to ASUS technical support but still no answer…

Maybe its some software in the background?

Is Alcohol or some virtual drives installed?

No, there is no any virtual software installed (Alcohol, Daemon tools, etc.). I think that Windows 98 is problem, I will install Windows ME if you don’t have any tips… Thank you

Dunno, run msinfo and check if its all ok.