About a week ago I installed Windows 98 Second edition on my sys. One of my favourite programs is Audiocatalyst 2, but it doens't seem to work anymore! First I couldn't rip a CDDA with my SCSI burner (Yahama CRW4416S) at all. After a lot of searching in help files and on the internet, I found out that scsihlp.vxd could be the cause of my problems. I downloaded the version that Xing advises you to use in cooperation with windows for handling the ASPI assignments Audiocatalyst makes for the cdr drive. Now I can rip a cd, but after doing that I need to restart my computer if I want to rip another one!!

Does anybody know how to solve this problem? It'd mean a lot to me :-)).

Well....... I'll be waiting...


Hi there,

I had the EXACT same problem as you !
I also donwloaded that file but it didn’t do
any good for me as the problem still was not

Turned out that some settings were wrong. If
you set the settings correctly then you can
rip tracks without a problem.

Don’t know anymore what the settings are but
I can check if you want. Mail me at

I can’t mail you again till friday next week
because that is the first time that I will
be at school. I don’t have an i-net connect
ion at home you see.


Tha Sentinel


I also had that problem

I’ve got a plex reader and a teac burner, audiocatalyst always gave a aspi error.

I found out that if ya set the buffered burst copy to Dynamic synch width it works

at least it worked for me.
you can always try

greetz crusher

by the way, I use version 2.10