Hi, new here but have been experiencing something weird (simple I’m sure) with recording waves. The copying process goes fine but the cd’s only play in the computer and not the car or home stereo! What exactly am I doing wrong? Any info would be appreciated- thanks and take care all!

Hi and Welcome.

The first thing to check it your car and home stero. Can they play CDR’s. Some players can’t.

After that the media makes a difference. Good quality media is always a must.

Finally how are you copying them. What program, drive and speeds.

Hope that gets you started.

I am using nero burning rom, liteon 52x burner and copying converted wave from mp3 files from hdd, and memorex blank cd’s!

I have played far cry ( aren’t very good yet) but am playing red faction and painkiller mp at present! (Better at rf)

Things to try consider.Burn at 4x.

Try a different brand of media (Good quality, for the best have a look in the lite on forum and see what other users for your drive recommend.)

Try doing a direct copy of an audio CD to see if that works or fails to make sure you aren’t doing anything wrong with the mp3->wave tracks.

What is the make / model of your in car stereo.
Most in car stereo’s and this includes fairly new ones just refuse to play any copied cd’s no matter what you do, the fact that your home stereo refuses to play them just confounds the matter, try playing in a couple of devices do they work in any, try a friends stereo to see if it works there. Let us know how you get on.