hi folks,i just formatted my pc,media player 10,installed the drivers,installed codec pack,still no audio when i play dvd`s,n e advice greatly appreciated

What about PowerDVD?

just installed power dvd,i have audio with that ;-(

i got audio now,but my screen is split into 4 and its black n white,i`m stumped now

may i add the pic is stuttering as well,helppppppppppppppp

I suggest uninstalling that codec pack.

what do u suggest after i uninstall it ?

uninstalled,still the same ;-(

Uninstall and reinstall your graphics card drivers, preferably with updated versions.

What did you do to get the audio back?

not sure lol,will install my drivers again and report back a.s.a.p cheers kidd

Re-install the video drivers and perhaps try this codec pack, which works well for me: (K-Lite)

grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr reinstalled drivers and that k-lite pack,still no joy

done everything i can think of,even installed media player 11,was still same,back 2 media player 10,still same

yet it still plays great in powerdvd

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Have you tried using System Restore in Windows? Roll the system back to a point where you know the sound card was working reliably. If you’re worried about losing data…backup any important stuff to disk first.

the last time it worked stroppy was before i formatted,so i`m stumped,might be forced 2 formatt again ;-(

I know this may sound silly but it caught me out once. Check that the wav volume control is not turned down in the main sound settings as I have found that powerdvd seems to use its own volume settings and works ok but when you go back to MediaPlayer it uses the main sound settings so still no sound. To simple I expect but worth a look.

You can go to google and search this there are things listed there for this problem

media player 10 no audio on dvds

cheers peeps,formatted again,installed codecs pack,div-x,and power dvd,job done,seems daft but it wouldnt play in media player until i installed power dvd :confused: thanx n e ways people