Audio wont play in car stereo

2 different computers 1 using XP the other using win98.
Burnng Cds using nero 5.5.39 version in a HP cdwriter plus 8200
and a newer generic 24X10X40 burner. Burning MP# to audio
and they play great in computer but not in the car systems
ford 2000 factory system. They did play in my old VW that had a Pioneer system in it. Any toughs?
Also tried it in a cheap emerson CD player and it played the 1st track fine but nothing else. weird
email me with any help

Try other media, try lowering the burnspeed.

ok well stop using nero and try using something else for starters. Sadly roxio works best in my opinion, Two your factory system is not going to be as compatible with burnt cds as the previous after market stereo you had in your VW. Why, Just because thats the difference between after market ( not original ) and Factory. Factory is cheap and it sucks, go to and buy a new in dash cd player and maybe get some better speakers also ( if you look you will see that yours are made out of a substance resembling cardboard or wasp regurgitation).

Try using some of those “audio” disks that they sell in stores, not regular data disks to burn the music. Some car players cant recognize the data disks but will play the audio disks which are specifically modified for that purpose. Any audio disk will do, I think.

if you decide to get a new reciever, go ahead and get one that can play MP3s, and even CDRWs.

Also, i thought the reason for the existance of those “Audio” CDRs is that some “home recording act” royalty has been payed, thats why their so much more expensive


I forgot to mention that you have to have those audio CDs if you have one of those stand-alone CD recorders. I wouldn’t swear to it but i think thats just because some stupid copywright law requires it.

I had this explained to me here This will help tell the difference between the audio and plain cdr’s.

had the same problem… burning at 2x solved mine =( sheesh what a slow way to have it…

yes, I would reccomend burning at slow speed or using the Jensen CD-R available at Circuit City. The ones in the 100 packs are $29 and made by princo. I’ve seen less trouble in car stereo with princo than any other.

Originally posted by FlyingDutchman
I had this explained to me here This will help tell the difference between the audio and plain cdr’s.

Another thing:

Pioneer’s, technic’s and a couple of other CD Car Stereo manufacturers have problems with CD-R’s if they’re not Audio CD-R’s…Check who made your cars player.

I had to slow down to 12X for audio in the car…

It my be that factory system has a problem with CD-R, I know mine does.