AUDIO with the BenQ DW1620!



I recently installed this dvd burner, and when i try to play a DVD film on it, the sound is very akward. It’s a staticy sound mixed with some skipping or somethin…

My audio device is a Realtek AC97 and i don’t know if this is a driver problem or a DVD drive problem. And if it were for my ONBOARD sound, where can i get these DRIVERS???!

Any help???




I’m having the same basic problem. I too have the RealTek on board sound, but instead I get no sound at all. I’ve checked and rechecked my audio cords from the dvd burner to the motherboard, I’ve tried both cords, updated the firmwear, everything I could think of.

Here’s some information that may help out:
Windows installed it as: ATAPI DVD DD 2x16x4x16
Region set to 1 (USA)
Tried to play using Windows Media Player 10

There weren’t any drivers on the CD included with the OEM I bought from NewEgg, only programs.