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For some reason, and this has only just started. I installed the Beta and since then have had sync issues with speech when using DVD to Mobile mode.

Now…it works fine if I create a mp4 for mobile directly from the source DVD in the drive, but if I rip it to the HDD, the audio is way off. I have tried this on a couple of disks with the same result. Why I do have a fix and it works, I just don’t understand why it is not working when trying to compile from the HDD. I have since gone back to and the same problem exits.

Anyone got any suggestions on why this is so. I prefer to use DVD to Mobile as it is quicker when making several backups.



Fengtao, the program author, recommended a different codec in a recent post. I have downloaded and installed it and it works great. I have done AVIs of Crank, The Illusionist and 2 or 3 others from HDD. The only one with the slightest sync problem was Illusionist (and it was hard to notice), the others were perfect. Not sure what mode you are using (Generic, iPod etc) or what playback device. Illusionist was done with Generic profile, all others iPod, accepting default settings.


I’m using IPOD, changed the settings initially, but he left them at default. It’s not a big deal, I just don’t understand why it works fine direct from the DVD but not from the HDD. I would think thay are using the same codec.



I am not sure why either, Mike. I know that when reading from HDD in DVD mode the read rate can be very high compared to reading from disc (12-15MB/s compared to 2-5 MB/s from disc). Perhaps in Mobile modes the CPU cannot quite keep up with the higher read rates and the streams lose sync? Maybe Ting or Fengtao will tell us.