Audio volume on dvd shrink?

Like the new version of dvd shrink one issue maybe though.

Have done a few “Movie only” removed all but englis audio

seems on my dolby surround system that center channel is weaker than rest?? I have not adjusted ANY SETTINGS ON RECEIVER.

Let me elaborate what I mean:

In part of movie where there is JUST dialog seems a little low(volume) then when something happens (action or music) that booms and seems to drown out the center channel? Am I going crazy???

I also use dvd2one and never noticed this issue …

Any replies would be appreciated

Thanks Much.

Neither DVD2One nor DVD Shrink actually does anything to the audio. They are exactly as per the original DVD they were backed up from. I suggest the “problem” was also on your original. Suggest you play the original to see how it plays back.

Well after some investigation found out it was a select fwew dvd’s

Thanks for the hep !