Audio / Video Synch Problems - DVDFab Platinum

I recently purchased DVDFab Platinum to convert movies I already own to my 5th gen 8gb video iPod. Everything seemed to work fine until I started watching the movies on the iPod. There is a 20-30 second delay between the video and the audio on every single movie (about 30 of them) I put on the iPod. Does anyone have any suggestions on what went wrong, what I can to do fix, settings I need to change, etc.? I’m new to the burning/converting stuff, so I don’t know where to begin to look. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

Welcome to the forum and sorry to hear you’re having trouble. If you are using the iPod profile, try moving the bitrate slider to the left to make the file size smaller (sizes much over 1GB seem to make this worse). Make sure you have the latest version of Platinum (currently Other iPod users have not been reporting this recently that I have seen, but they may have different hardware/firmware in their players.

Thanks - where would find the slider to move it? I just uploaded the latest version of DVDFab and only Generic and PSP show up under the Mobile column in common settings of DVDFab. Thanks.

The slider (and all the other stuff) is on the page that comes up when you click the “Configure” button:

AA: the settings on the screen in my earlier post are not necessarily what you would want to use, just to show you what the screen looks like and where to find the slider and bitrate window. The “Configure” button is on the second iPod screen (the one that comes up after you select the titles and click Next). Sorry if this was unclear.