AUdio/Video synch problem when converting to generic or mobile

I often have the problem when converting my DVDs to a generic or mobile format that audio and video are out of synch. However this is not the same as reported in other threads and seems to be due to some repeated scenes inserted at the beginning of the main movie.

Has anybody experienced the same and found a fix for it?

If I extract the main movie and play that I can see at the start of the movie a short scene that is repeat twice. It looks funny but the audio does not go out of synch when playing with DVD plater software. However if I convert this to generic or mobile (I use xvid+mp3 profiles) the audio gets out of synch of the amount of delay introduced by this repeated scene.

Just for curiosity I opened the saved main movie with the old good dvdshrink to see if there were more angles embedded. There weren’t any, but if I then cut the beginning of the movie to after the repeated scene and save it again. I can then convert it succesfully. This is a posisble work-aorund but cumbersome, so I was hoping that ther might be a better solution form within DVDFAB.

Thanks, any idea will be appreciated.

… no help?

BTW I tried converting to Divx using a trial version of divx author (divx own conversion tool) and there are no synch problems. The rerpeated scenes are still there but audio/video sync is kept

Check out

I have done lots of MPEG-4 conversions and have never seen this (repeated scenes). Maybe Ting will see this and can help you. Sorry.:frowning:

hi, alex60

There are a bug in DVDFab mobile, which will cause a/v out of sync and it has been fixed.

Please wait for next version and test it.


I have the same problem with my ipod.
If anyone knows a simple fix…

I had some similar issues with my rips from Sony/Lionsgate/and Disney Pixar. Repeated little blips, some subtitles briefly when no subtitles were selected to be ripped, discs started playing at chpter 2 but you could rewind to about 2 secs in and it would play fine, or sometimes a disc would take up to 45 secs before it would start playing. These problems carried over to my rips to generic and showed up as a/v synch problems. Try rips with pathplayer enabled–top slider all the way to the right and bottom slider all the way to the left. This makes pathplayer the most sensitive. It can take up to 5 mins to open some of the sonys, so be patient. This has fixed all of the problems for me that I mentioned.