Audio/Video Sync



Help needed please. I have copied video from my HI-8 camcorder to my hard drive using an ATI All in wonder pro remote control edition TV card. I copied with the nero vision express 3 software. It does a good job copying, however, after a few minutes, <10-15, my audio begins to trail my video. The longer the video is recorded the more the audio lags behind the video. It appears to lag as much as 2-3 seconds and makes the recording and copying to a DVD completely unacceptable. I sent this info to NERO online last night but haven’t heard anything back from them. Here is my system specs: (if it matters)

Gigabyte nforce 2 mother board
1 gig PC3200 RAM
Nvidia Geforce 6600GT 128mb video card
80 gig 7200 rpm WD hard drive
AMD XP2500 Barton not overclocked

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated!


Which version of Nerovision Express 3 are you using?



You might try unchecking “enable smart encoding” under video options and see if that helps.


I’ve had similar problems with Nero Vision Express The problem was not fixed by unchecking the smart encoding box, nor by changing from 2 pass to single pass. WinVideo did better with the synchronization.


When you save the video to your hard drive what format are you saving it as ie avi, mpeg ? Load the video in Virtualdub mpeg2 (free) and check the length of the video and audio. Could you explain the steps you are using. Audio and video sync can be corrected if done properly.


I would use my ATI software but I’ve got a video studder that is bothersome every few seconds. Unfortunately, customer support for both nero & ati is less than great.


I had the same problem copying VHS and Hi-8 tapes. And I’m using an ATI 7500 AIW. Made no difference what capturing software I used, the longer the video was, the more the a/v would go out of sync. Turning off Smart Encoding helped for short videos (no more than 30 minutes), but substantially extended the processing time.

Since I am now doing my home video recording with a DV camcorder, I connected the VCR/Hi-8 camera to the inputs of the DV and then output to my computer. The DV camcorder does all the digital conversion and, voila! No problems.

I know this doesn’t solve your problem at hand, but if you’re going to go with DV, wait on doing those transfers and use the DV to do it. I can’t tell you how many hours I wasted before.



I am going to Nero and clicking ‘capture video’. Then I am starting my video, hitting record and letting it fly. I am using s-video input and std rca audio inputs. I am also using DVD recording quality.

When you save the video to your hard drive what format are you saving it as ie avi, mpeg ? Load the video in Virtualdub mpeg2 (free) and check the length of the video and audio. Could you explain the steps you are using. Audio and video sync can be corrected if done properly.


I’m with you on wasting time! If I could get my ati software to stop studdering(sp?) I would use it because I have ZERO problems keeping the audio/video in sync with the ATI software.


What do you mean by stuttering? Sound breaking up and coming back again? I’m using an ATI AIW 7500. I’m not sure if you have the same software, but there is a compatibility test you can run that checks out the performance of your sound card in relation to the video card. I think the parameters are =/- 2%. Because my ATI card is at least 4 years older than my sound card, I had to crank down the hardware accelleration on my sound card and crank up the accelleration on the video card to get it to what ATI calls acceptable levels.


I get a stop of both video and audio for maybe 1/2 second maybe every 20 seconds. I am running the latest ATI software/drivers downloaded from their web site. The original software I had no issues. Perhaps I will go back to it.


I’m using ati mmc 9.06.1 for capture, with an ATI Wonder Pro, an AMD 64 3200+, 1 GB RAM. I’m not having problems with stuttering. I’m just having a/v sync problems with long clips upon DVD burning, whether to my hard drive or my DVD. I capture the video in ATI’s DVD-High mpg format.


check here The guy that has the website specializes in ATI cards. Look on the left side under “Capture”


Capture works great, no dropped frames, no sync problems. Burn to disk and burn to dvd, however, loses sync after a time. Sync loss occurs even if I use enditall2 to stop all unnecessary processes during burn. Other burning/editing software does not have this problem, and neither did earlier versions of NeroVision Express 3. It’s definitely a bug.


Hello !

I had sync problems with nve3100 making dvd of avi files. It occured after 15-20 mins into movie. The solution that worked for me was reverting back to



Recent discovery, perhaps. I tried capturing about 1 hour in ATI’s DVD (not high) mpg format, and then burning, with NeroVision 3.x as usual. This time, no sync problems. Could NeroVision Express have problems handing the DVD-High format? Also, DVD-High and DVD seem identical in MMC 9.06.1, except that DVD has a HIGHER target bitrate than DVD-High. Should DVD have a LOWER target bitrate than DVD-High?


Try defragmenting your hard drive. If your system can’t write to the hard drive fast enough it will cause problems.


No need to defrag the drive. All video files, including temporary files needed for the creation of a DVD, are written onto a 100 Gig partition that has essentially no other files. The other 100 Gig of the drive is used for video capture. The Hitachi drive spins at 7000 rpm. Once I successfully burn a DVD, I delete the files used for it’s creation. Additionally, I faithfully defrag my system drive. Finally, if defragmentation were the problem, Intervideo’s WinDVD Creator 2 would also burn files out of sync. Yet, WinDVD Creator 2 has successfully burned video that Nero has had sync problems with. I could stick with WinDVD Creator 2, but Nero has AC3 2.0, which is absent from WinDVD Creator 2.


Not having problems anymore :bow: :bow: Reverted back to Nero Vision Express :slight_smile: I could find no other solution. How long will it take Nero to bring out a new version?