Audio Video sync problem

Having downloaded a movie in AVI format I have converted to DVD using AVS video converter the avi file is fine but when I play the dvd sometimes not on all conversions the audio and video are out can someone let me know what options are out there to rectify this problem :bow:

Thanks Guy’s

Try a better conversion program. There are many free ones that can get you all the way to a finished dvd. We recommend FAVC, AVStoDVD and DVDFlick quite often for this type of conversion.

Thanks for the advice and I’ll try some different apps and see what happens thanks again :slight_smile:

Using a [I]better[/I] conversion is always a plus as recommended…Making sure the source file is in sync is also a plus…Sometimes it can be fixed when slightly off-sync, and other times it’s a lot more difficult to fix…That said try AviDemux’s audio ‘Shift’ (ms) tool and try to line up, preview/play, and if successful to where it’s acceptable to you, then save a new AVI [I]before[/I] converting to DVD…

BTW, it can also be used on the converted DVD source(s)…Import the first VOB and all will be indexed, use the 'shift tool and save a new MPEG file, no re-encoding, but you’ll have to author a new DVD structure…Use DVDStyler or similar proggie to author/create a new DVD…
Of course if your source is ok, then Kerry’s suggestion(using a better app) should help the conversion…
Good luck!..

Running a problem AVI through AVI-Mux GUI can very often fix sync problems.

For someone new at the game, for freeware, DVD Flick is the best choice for converting to DVD. It doesn’t require the codec fiddling that some of the others do.