Audio / Video sync problem

I have DVDFab beta and there are 2 movies that I can’t get a good backup. Oddly enough it’s Alien The Director’s Cut and Aliens The Director’s Cut. On both these movies, after the backup, the audio and video are out of sync. The movies start out OK and as time goes by the sync gets worse and worse.

I’ve tried both Generic and iPod for DVD to Mobile and within those I’ve tried different encoding (h264,mp4), different bitrates, framerates, etc… I’ve messed with all the settings with no positive effect.

I haven’t had this issue on any other movie.

Try ripping the movie to your hard drive 1st then encode it. I just started messing with my Creative Zen W and it works for me with the sync problem.

rolling56 - Thanks, I’m trying it now. Should know if it works in about 30 minutes

Unfortunately, ripping it to the HD first didn’t solve my problem. The audio / video were still out of sync

Well i guess you will have to wait for someone that has more knowledge than i do sorry.

A member here signals knows this stuff pretty good but i haven’t seen him around for a few days.

Don’t be sorry, all help is good.

yeah it’s all new to me but i tried to help :bigsmile:

Hi LunaSea,

I can only find Collector’s Edition for both movies, where did you get the Director’s Cut?

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I just ripped to hard drive and encoded The Rolling Stones disc #4 and transfered it to my Zen and it works great. No out of sync nothing :disagree: Watching it now :clap:

Hey fengtao,

The links in your msg are to the editions that I have. I only said Director’s Cut because if you look at the image of the box, at the very top, it says Director’s Cut. But, the links you have are to the same editions that I can’t get to sync.


Any new ideas on the 2 alien movies?

Hi Duane,

It has been fixed in latest beta, please try it:

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