Audio / Video Sync Problem

I have been recording DVD for over 3 weeks now with no problems till 2 days ago when I first recorded using the 6 hours option.
I noticed that there is audio / video sync problem after the 3rd hour or so.
It was a continuous recording session.
I emailed tech support and they said the usual stuff:
your unit might be defective
use good media
blah blah blah

Have anyone noticed this before? Any possible solution beside recording shorter segments at a time?


I have noticed lately that my cable signal gets slightly out of
sync every so often. If you were recording a TV program it
might have been a signal problem.

Not from TV, from my VCR.

Which model do you have? I’ve had to exchange 3 5006s and the fourth unit just failed in a major way last night. (Freeze frame on video and complete unit lockup. Repeatedly happens after a few minutes. Machine in an open area, cool and dry and fan working fine. Go figure.)

BTW, what Lite-On email have you had success with? I’d appreciate it.


I have the 5006 from Radio Shack and I’m really happy with it. The sync problem dose not bother me much. I just started to split the taping into 2 3 hours sessions and that works great.
I have never encountered any problems with frame freezing or anyhting like that.

The lite-on tech support email addres is


Thank you Andy.

Would you mind telling me the manufacture date of your 5006. Mine was November 2004, the newest I could locate. That date is on the white barcode label on the rear of the machine and there is a duplicate label on the exterior of the original box.

Do you use the tuner in yours? My problem shows up when the unit is left on and the tuner is to a cable station. After an hour or so, and this was even with the cover off, I would sometimes notice ‘jerkiness’ in the video passing through the 5006 and to the monitor output. I’ve left the unit on for over a week with the cover on and now, even though the fan works fine and the case is barely warm, it locks up regularly. It does have the latest system abnd drive firmware.

Hope you have a perfect one. Leaves hope for the rest of us :slight_smile:

I don’t use the TV turner on my 5006 (Nov 2004). If I need to record something from my TV, I either use on Dish DVR to do it, or use the video in option to record that way. I leave it on all the time and did not notice any problems with it. When I first got the unit, I noticed some horizontal lines and the picture was not great but I was using old cables. Before I retuned the unit to RS, I thought just one more test, So I disconnected all cables and exchanged the old ones with newer ones and never had problems with the picture since (only green tint which was kinda fixed in the latest update). Try not to use the TV turner and see if the problem is solved or try changing cables.
From my few interactions with their tech support, was told to return the unit 3 times. Looks like that is their solution to everything.
Hope this help and hope that you will find the right unit soon.

In my setup I can’t afford to not be able to use the tuner, so I’m stuck. I wouldn’t be surprised if running a signal through the encoded circuitry is getting it warm while not having an input gives it less to do.

I did try a recording to see if even though the video output was locking up if it would still record. Oh boy! I was in SP/2 hour mode which normally gives excellent recordings. The machine hung up within 10 minutes and from the very first parts of the recording the video was horrible. Huge blocks on the screen. It was as though the encoder was trying to compress the data so much that you could put it on an old LP record :slight_smile:

You might want to try running your unit with an input for a couple days, even not recording, and see if you run into any problems.

Hope you have better luck!