Audio/Video Sync Problem (convert to iPod)

I ran into a problem converting a DVD I own to iPod format (h264). I tried the conversion twice, and both times the audio starts lagging the video at the same point in the video stream. I don’t know if it’s exactly the same frame, just that it appears at the same point in the same scene as judged by eye.

I then tried using DVDFab Platinum just to extract the video from the DVD. I used Videora to do the conversion to h264 format. That worked fine (no glitch occurred).

This was all done on the same machine with the same programs and features running.

Is this a known problem with DVDFab? Is there a workaround, other than the one I found (i.e., use DVDFab only to extract the video)?

This happens some times–both the content and DVDFab release seem to effect it. Which of the many iPod profiles were you using? And Platinumor VideoFab for the conversion?

Are you on Diego Garcia or just named the same?

[QUOTE=signals;2203307]This happens some times–both the content and DVDFab release seem to effect it. Which of the many iPod profiles were you using? And Platinumor VideoFab for the conversion?

I’ve been using the ipod.h264 profile. Selected twice (which, for some reason, makes it jump to a fixed bitrate of 768kb).

As for the name, no, it’s just a handle I derived from what a buddy calls my dog, who is named Diego.:wink:

Which audio–AAC?

I talked to a guy on Diego Garcia the island once via ham radio. Almost as far from me as you can get and still be on Earth (South Indian Ocean).

[QUOTE=signals;2203317]Which audio–AAC?

The audio is AAC, 64kbps. I’ve attached a GIF of the conversion dialog in case any of the other settings might be important.

Wow, that’s quite a stretch! I’ve never been there, but I’ve read about it. I bet it’s both very interesting and very claustrophobic after a while.

I don’t see anything nasty there. Try this: I have made a profile for you to test that makes MPEG4+MP3 audio. It plays with perfect sync on my PC, but I am an Archos guy, so no iPod to test with. Download the file to your Profiles folder (C:\Program Files\DVDFab 5\Profiles). It will appear on the list as iPOD MPEG4_MP3. Change the file suffix from TXT to XML (forum doesn’t allow xml uploads). See if it works any better.

Diego Garcia is a long way from anywhere. USAF or SAC bomber base.

Gotta run, back on in about an hour.

ipod.mpeg4.MP3.txt (908 Bytes)

No joy. The conversion took place without a hitch, but I can’t play the resulting file in Quicktime. It throws an Error -2041: an invalid sample description was found in the movie.

Sorry. I though just about all of them would play from that profile. Maybe it was the MP3 audio it didn’t like. Back to the drawing board.

No worries. It’s not slick to process things with DVDFab and then convert with Videora, but at least it’s a solution. And DVDFab did the job by itself 12 out of 13 times.

BTW, I also tried using the mpeg4 profile. That resulted in the same desynchronization problem, at the same point in the same scene.

Too bad I can’t run it under a debugger and trace what it’s doing when it goes haywire :wink:


About this sync problem, which is happened in every DVD or just for the special DVD, and now I have one problem will create a very small audio ahead of video, did you have this problem or other more serious sync problem, if it is happened in the special DVD, please tell us the DVD volume name and if you can provide amazon link will be more better.


Hi Ting
I sent Diego a PM that you had read our thread, so he could come back to answer your questions. Not sure where he is or what time it is there. Thanks for your help. :slight_smile:

Ting, I sent you a private email with some more information, and a way to contact me directly (i.e., outside the CDFreaks forum). I’m in California, and about to sign off, so I likely won’t reply to you until tomorrow (Thursday my time).

Thanks for looking into this!

Hello Diego Garcia, Ive been having the same problem like you, same settings under the profile, ive had sync proplems with Wall E, The Snurks, and the Lion King 1 and a half. But i had many success with other movies. Just wish that things would work all the time, Ive been updating every version trying these movies and no success. please post back if you get a fix from ting, thanks

When there is a fix, it will be in a DVDFab release. The next one will probably not be until after the Chinese New Year/Spring holiday.