Audio video sync issue

When I use Dvdfab to transfer DVD to a micro sd card for my cell phone the audio is out of sync with the video. My phone is a Motorola Krave ZN4 and my Dvdfab version is set to LG VX9400 3gp because that gives my phone the best resolution of all the options I have tried so far. Also I am using Window XP. Does anyone know how to resolve this issue. The DVD’s I have tried are Zoom, and Thrillbillies 2,3,and5 “Nitro Circus”

Moving you to the DVDFab mobile forum where you should get more informed answers.

If you play the movies on your PC is there still an audio sync issue? If so then it’s an issue with the way the file is being made - if you can upgrade to the latest 6.0 version that may help things.

If not, then the phone doesn’t like the type of file you’ve given it. You may need to search for another profile or use the profile editor linked at the top of this forum to make your own. Some things to try could be to reduce the video or audio quality to see if that helps or to check to see which video format your phone prefers. A quick Google suggests nothing higher than 320x240 resolution and .3g2 files seem to play well - but that was just from a single source.