Audio & video several minutes out-of-sync

I authored a DVD in Nerovision and when using the Nerovision preview, it played just fine.

Then I “burned” the DVD to a hard disk folder (my usual practice, so that I could preview it in WinDVD before actually burning it to a DVD-R).

The video starts out fine, but about 20 minutes into the video, the video skips ahead about two minutes while the audio plays perfectly. As a result, from that point on, the audio and video are out of sync by about two minutes.

I’ve never had this problem with Nerovision before. Does anyone know what caused it, or how to avoid it in the future?

I’ve seen similar problems in NVE Encoding from AVI is okay, but from MPEG-2, it’s seriously fouled up as you discovered.

At least you watched 20 minutes of the folder before burning… I wasted six blanks before I even discovered the problem. :frowning:

Any Ahead/Nero employees around? Can you confirm this issue?

I’m going to try to re-encode later and see if it comes out right. But this is a ridiculous flaw.

I tried it again and got the same problem – at exactly the same point in the video.

If I play the original MPEG-2 file in Windows Media Player, there is no problem at that spot in the file.

I may try it one more time with Smart Encoding turned off. I’ll report back.

Well, I tried it again with Smart Encoding turned off, so it transcoded the whole file. It took two hours.

Now, the audio and video are in sync – but the chapter marks are not where I inserted them.

I give up. Back to myDVD SE.

I went back to NVE

Does anyone from Ahead/Nero read this forum? If so… does anyone from Ahead/Nero test their software before they release it? If so… I can’t believe a bug as blatant as this one could make it out the door. The latest version of NVE is entirely unusable.

Check your mpeg files

Could you be more specific? Check them for what? And check them how?

I wish that would help – but I was using when I ran into this problem.