Audio-Video out of sync

Using VDMod Build 2540, Win XP Pro SP2

I used Clone DVD2 to rip a DVD to an ISO file, then used IsoBuster to extract the VOB files. If I play any of the VOB files with Nero ShowTime, the audio is perfectly in sync with the video. Because I need to extract a scene, I planned to use VirtualDubMod to edit it. However, when I open any of the VOB files into VDMod, the audio is way out of sync with the video so I expect the output will be, too.

Bear with me. I’m relatively new at this and, even though I have edited video files before, I’ve never ripped a DVD so maybe my procedure wasn’t the best.

Any advice?


Is this dvd a commercially made one, with copy protection? If so, I don’t know how it worked with CloneDVD.

If it is protected, use DVDFab HD Decrypter to rip to the hard drive as files. If it only has simple CSS protection, you can also use DVDShrink to rip to the hard drive as files.

Once on the hard drive, you can open the files with DVDShrink and go to ReAuthor mode. Using the Start/End frame tool you can select the exact section of the movie that you want to remove and save. The output will be a small dvd-video. Shrink only cuts on I frames, so if you need finer control, you would need a different tool, like VideoRedo or one of the Womble programs.

If you think it was ripped correctly to begin with, you can open the ISO with Shrink by clicking Control I.

>Is this dvd a commercially made one, with copy protection?<
Yes and yes. I had AnyDVD running which found CSS protection.

Per your suggestion, I used DVDShrink to select the small part of the movie I wanted. DVDShrink is not intuitive, but I stumbled along until I figured out where everything was that I needed and how to do what I wanted to do and nothing else … yet.

Worked fine, thanks.

Incidentally, in order to fine tune the edit, I loaded the VOB file into VDMod and the audio/video was in perfect sync even though the original wasn’t. Odd.

Thanks for your help and your quick response to my original question.