Audio Video Out of Sync

I’m using Nero 7 Vision and converting AVI to DVD disc.

When I play the files on my PC everything is fine.

When I burn to disc and play on my DVD player there is a considerable delay, up to 3 seconds at times.

I’m sure I’m either doing something wrong, or should just use some different software.

Any suggestions or ideas?


If you look through the forum, you will see many threads about audio being out of sync. It seems Nero 7 has some problems with certain types (or maybe all) .avi files and cannot keep the sound with the video.

Check some of the articles and such to see if they recommend any software, something like convertX or something similar might work better.

The issue does not seem to be version specific. I find that the best solution, for me, is to convert an AVI to an AVi, paying attention to convert VBR audio to CBR.

Works every time.