Audio/Video out of sync DVD FLICKS



I just downloaded the free software DVD Flicks, and have been using it to convert my .avi’s and .flv’s to .vod files and burn them to dvd. The software has worked flawlessly for me, and other than the fact it takes about and hour and a half to complete each movie, I have no complaints while actually using the software.
Now, the problem I am having is when I put the finished product in my home dvd player, there are many “periods” within the movie where the audio is out of sync with the video and, what I have been calling “freeze spots” appear in the movie (frame freezes, as if i pressed the pause button, audio track continues to run). Some spots of the video also seem to speed up or slow down while the audio runs its regular course.
I don’t want to have to submit to the corporate slave masters :a and actually PURCHASE Nero or Roxio or some other software that isn’t free (I mean I will if it comes down to it, but I’d prefer another solution). Can anyone help me with this problem? Thanks.


When you convert a video using DVDFlick test it on the hard drive before burning to a disk. See if the problem occurs in the conversion process, or is a product of a bad burn/bad media. If you don’t have a program for playing dvds on the computer, try VLC

If it turns out to be part of the conversion, you might want to try a similar program called AVStoDVD. Found here:


Thanks. I’m going to give AVStoDVD a shot and see if it works for me. Will let you know how it turns out. Oh, btw, I do have VLC…such a great free media player, and one of the few (freewares) out there that will support and play .FLV files.