Audio & Video is not matching?




This is my first post on the forum, but I have been a DVDFab user for almost two years with very little issues that were not solved fairly quickly with an update. However about 8 months ago I starting encoding using the iPhone/iTouch profiles and ran into this problem. The Audio seems to play ahead of the video after encoding. I only do DVD region 1, and there is not one particular DVD with the problem, but pretty much all of the ones I do have this issue.

My DVD to DVD has no audio/video issues only my DVD to iPod/iTouch or Hard Drive to iPod/iTouch. To me it makes it very distracting to view a movie like this. I have played around with other portable profiles, and notice that the wma and avi encoding do not seem to have this issue it is only my mpv or mp4 files. I am currently running version and still see this same issue.

I have been reading thru the post on this forum to see if someone has found a solution, but no luck. I have seen several post of A/V issues but no updates recently seem to address this. Is it an issue that is being looked at or is there something else I can try to see if my problem gets corrected?



Hi yummy, and welcome to the forum. If you do a search you will find that there are other members also having this audio/video sync problem when encoding to mpv. They are aware of this issue, and hopefully a fix will come buy soon. For the moment I join you in the waiting. I was encoding my DVD’s for the iTouch, but the distraction was to much so I decided to stop and wait for a fix.



Thanks for report it, I know this problem, and I will try to fix them, but now not know the exactly time. :frowning:


Ting the audio seems to be slightly ahead of the video maybe by 8 milliseconds??? I hope you can find the problem. I have stopped encoding my DVD’s for now.



Hi, I am also experiencing the same problem. Thanks.


Same here…Hope its fixed before they need more money from me.


Rest Assured! Ting is working on it. :smiley:
Can’t wait for the fix.


Guys this is not a fix but just might be a workaround until it is fixed. I’ve been having good luck ripping to the HDD then running the mobile profile on the HDD folder. It takes longer and is an extra step so you might not want to try it. I tried this on a few movies using the ipod Touch profile, I don’t have an ipod so I played the m4v files with VLC on the computer and the A/V sync was perfect start to finish on all movies tried.

Set Pathlayer to always enabled, use DVD to DVD “Full Disc” set the quality to DVD-9. I set the destination to my desktop (easy to find). I’m guessing here but I think Fab remasters without compression at this setting by removing some streams that gum up the works. I’ve tried this on two animated movies and two regular actor movies and it works so far on ipod Touch profile.



Just did your suggestion with same results.
Pathplayer enabled
DVD to DVD Full Disc with DVD-9
Destinantion to a Folder on my hard drive

Three different movies region 1. Same amount of video delay. The audio leads the movie by almost a second when played on the iTouch/iPod or on the computer itself. The vob file on the laptop is perfect, and the files converted to windows media are perfect however mpv & mp4 have the same sync issue than if you did it straight from DVDFab to mobile, no difference at all.


The mystery gets better all the time! What are you running there, I have an Intel quad core and Vista Ultimate. There has to be something different, I could not get any lag in the A/V. I have a dual core I’ll try that and see what happens. What titles are you trying?


Intel Dual core here as well Vista Premium with a Blu-ray drive.


I am running a dual core intel as well on an HP laptop using Vista Ultimate and a regular DVD dual layer burner. My delay is an every single DVD region 1 I have encoded. The movies look like thay are totally dubbed, or you hear a car door slam just before it’s actually slammed.

I just finshed burning the way 90312 indicated with the same AV sync as well. Waiting to hear from ting.


I finally got everything moved over to my dual core laptop. I did Tinkerbell region 1. It looks good to me played on VLC. I just don’t see what you’re talking about? If you guys want you can PM me an email address and I’ll send a chapter and you can see what it looks like on your end.


I would love to see your chapter, but an mpv file even if its only a single chapter would be probably be to big for an email to get. A single chapter of a non-animated movie would be better to test, I have a few of those myself I could send you, but I think we would need a p2p to to that.


This audio-sync issue is happening with me as well when converting for my iPod. I’m running:

Vista Pro
Xeon Quad Core 2.50
4GB, DDR2 ECC SDRAM Memory 667MHz

I live in the US… so I’m guessing it’s region 1. Just for the record… I think the whole region concept is a silly pain. We’re a global market now… get off this “release here first… no,… over here…”

I know one workaround but it kinda defeats the purpose. I can convert the DVD to an AVI, use my Premiere Pro CS3 to offset the audio so it lines up it again… save the AVI… then convert the AVI to an Mp4. But the time involved doesn’t make this a very feasible solution.


PS… I have every intention of purchasing DVD Fab… but I want this issue solved before I do.



They thought they had it fixed with this latest version, but it appears not so. I am sure that it is being re-looked at. Keep us posted.


Thanks Dreamliner. I hope so. I just downloaded it this week but that is no guarantee that I have the latest version.

anyone have idea what the latest version is? Sorry if this has already been asked and/or addressed.