Audio/VCDs work but Data/Burned CDs dont

Hi guys

I have Samsung CD ROM (SC-152B) as well as a Samsung 52X CD Writer (SW-252F) on my Windows XP PC.

Till a few days back this problem would occasionally come for the ROM but never the Writer. Now its come for both the ROM & the Writer and its stayed on.

Its like Audio CDs & VCDs are working fine…I can even browse them on Windows Explorer.

But whenever I pop in a data cd or a burned cd, the PC hangs for a while and finally behaves like there aint no CD at all. The Writer shows empty and the ROM pops a msg like “Please insert a CD into drive G:”

Help me please !

Am attaching a screenshot of my Device Manager.

Hi anuttam_b, welcome to CDF :slight_smile:

Let’s move your thread to the Newbie Forum, where you’ll get more help than in the LR (General Chat). :slight_smile: