Audio_ts video_ts (burn to dvd)HELP!

ive recently got svcd2dvd and i have copied from bin to mpeg then converted into dvd everything is good but when i look to do my files that svcd has saved for me they are audio_ts and video_ts what i need help with is to burn this folder onto disc! do i have to put the folder to burn or take out each individual file in order and burn them all togeva :bow: im not worthy :bow:

What software do you have to burn with? If you have nero you can just open the folder as if it were a dvd (in recode) and burn it (not sure thats the best way but it’s one way). If you only have one video_ts use the “copy entire dvd video” button is smart start. If you have multiple video_ts folders from multiple conversions that you want to burn to one disk use the “copy multiple dvd-video movies to one” button. I still haven’t figured out how to insert menus with the second option though (still working on that). It looks like you can use the “make your own dvd video” option with multiple titles (nerovision express) if you want a menu (just started one).

cheers ripit ive tried wat u said and it worked thanks for the quick reply :bow: im not worthy :bow: