Audio_ts not being created

I have a DVD that I ma trying to backup so that I can convert it to NTSC using NERO 7 ultra. I am using “recode DVD-video” so that I have an option to save the DVD content onto my hard drive then using “make your own DVD-video” option to burn the DVD. When I open the burned DVD I notice that there is no audio_ts file on the DVD but there is the Video_ts folder. BTW the disk is converted into NTSC but no sound. Any suggestions?

The AUDIO_TS is almost all times empty…normal.

just to clarify ther is no audio_ts [B]folder[/B] present

[QUOTE=godfather_77;2029023]just to clarify ther is no audio_ts [B]folder[/B] present[/QUOTE]

What chef was trying to tell you is that the AUDIO_TS folder isn’t needed because it is always empty, only there because it used to be required in order to be DVD compliant files.

Your issue with no sound has nothing to do with there being no AUDIO_TS folder.
Have you tried using the Audio button on your DVD players’ remote? Sometimes the burnt copy defaults to an audio stream that you may not have copied onto the copy.

There is an Audio_TS folder with content in it only if the movie is demuxed into two separate video and audio files. VOB files are muxed into a single file containing all of the content.

Your lack of sound is likely due to the lack of an AC3 codec…