Audio tracks bij Need For Speed - Underground

Kan iemand mij aan de tracklisting van NFS underground helpen? :wink:

“Who’s Who”
Performed by Dilated Peoples Contains a sample of Can’t Find the Judge courtesy of Warner Bros. Records Inc.

Performed by Overseer Written by Robert George Howes p/k/a Dr. Chug and Simon Johnson p/k/a Nick Life

Performed by Overseer Written by Robert George Howes p/k/a Dr. Chug

“Body Rock”
Performed by X-ecutioners Written by R. Aguilar, A. Saffrey and D. Venable

“Keep It Coming”
Performed by Nate Dogg featuring Rob Stricklong Written by Nathaniel Hale

“Get Low”
Performed by Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz featuring Ying Yang Twins Written by J. Smith, S. Norris, E. Jackson and D. Holmes

“Born Too Slow”
Performed by The Crystal Method Written by Ken Jordan, Scott Kirkland and Wes Borlund

Performed by BT Written by Brian Transeau

Performed by lostprophets Written by Mike Chiplin, Mike Lewis, Ian Watkins, Lee Gaze, Jamie Oliver, and Stuart Richardson

“Smashing The Gas”
Performed by Mystikal Written by M. Taylor, D. Mapp and C. Fearing

“Need For Speed”
Performed by Petey Pablo Written by Barrett III and Z. Bey

“Two - Lane Blacktop”
Performed by Ron Zombie Written by Ron Zombie and Scott Humphreys

Performed by T.I. Written by Clifford Harris and Aldrin Davis

“Out Of Control”
Performed by Rancid Written by Tim Armstrong and Lars Frederiksen

“The Only”
Performed by Static X Written by Wayne Wells, Tripp Eisen, Antonio Campos and Kenneth Lacey

“Broken Promises”
Performed by Element Eighty Written by Element Eighty “And The Hero Will Drown” Performed by Story of the Year Written by Adam Russell, Ryan Phillips, Dan Marsala and Joshua Wills

“Fortress Europe”
Performed by Asian Dub Foundation Written by Das/ Pandit/ Savale/ Tailor Songs of Universal Inc. on behalf of Universal/MCA Music Limited

“Sucked In”
Performed by Jerk Written by Lamar Lowder and Johnathan Devoy

Performed by Fluke Written by Mike Bryant and Jon Fugler

“Action Radius”
Performed by Junkie XL Written by Tom Holkenborg, Ian Patrick Tilon

Performed by FC Kahuna Written by Jonathan Nowell, Daniel Ormondroyd and Jonathan Collyer

Performed by Fuel Written by Carl William Bell

“The Wonders Of You”
Performed by Andy Hunter Written by Andy Hunter, Tedd Tjornhom and Lyle Day

Performed by Blindside Written by Blindside Produced by Howard Benson

Performed by Hotwire Written by Hotwire

Gepikt uit deze thread :slight_smile:

Zo veel info! En ook nog zooo dichtbij…:stuck_out_tongue: heheh!

d’r bestaat zelfs een NFSU official soundtrack cd

kan je kopen

Ow… da’s helemaal mooi! ga ik gelijk bestellen… Dat gekut met Kazaa ben ik meer dan zat!

wow zoveel sounds? ik speel dat spelletje geregeld, maar hoor nooit zoveel verschillende tracks… toch beter opletten :slight_smile: