Audio Track Titles

Using Plextools how do I get the track titles to show up when I use a program like Winamp or Windows Media Player? I ripped The Complete Ep Collection by The Beatles into wave files with their name. I burned them using GigaRec with a title, artist, and track names. Nothing shows up but a 1k file for each track. :confused: :frowning: :a Any help would be greratly appreciated. :bow:

youโ€™ll need an audio player that is capable of reading cd text Winamp, wmp and others do not read cd text.

You can download cd text players from plextor or teac and i believe Nero has one too.

Or you can try audio rippers like EAC or CDex, they can read cd text too.

CD Text Player

You da man BoSkin. :bow: :bow:

I still donโ€™t get it why donโ€™t you use the PT own audio player ?

Actually that is what I am doing. I just wish other players would support cd-text.:frowning:

Just out of curiosity if I use the ISRC code will it help Winamp read the cd-text?:confused:

Edit: Rephares question.