Audio track on vob

When I created a dvd movie from an avi file, the audio track was terrible, with hisses and cracks. How could I demux the audio track from the avi file, which is fine, and apply it to the VOB’s?

Why not just start over. What did you use to convert the AVI to MPEG/DVD?

I had to restort to ConvertXtoDVD.

With cucusoft avi2dvd 7.07, the program would bomb out as soon as I opened the avi file. With WinAVI Video Converter 7.7, I got a message saying “Impossible to decode file”.

When I used Virtualdubmod to demux, I got the message : cannot locate decompressor for H264 unknown.

Pls ignore my specific question. I got mixed up with two different cases.

I am still interested however in finding out how to “paste” an audio track into vob files which was demuxed through virtualdubmod.

By re-authoring it.