Audio to image ratio :(

hey guys!
i’m having problems matching the sound timing to my image when i’m trying to rip a dvd to my ipod. anyone have any suggestions for the best settings?thanks

Could you please at least let us know what software is being used?

absolutely. i’m using dvdfab and trying to rip scrubs season 5.

OK I’ll transfer this to the DVD Fab forum where you will probably get more specialist help :slight_smile:

Hi tobia1985,
please upgrade first to newest version Be sure to use the newest version. Your problem sounds like “out of sync”. If the upgrade does not help, rip the DVD uncompressed to your HD and then convert to ipod. This solve in some cases the “out of sync” problem too.
You find the link for the update in this forum (one of the first threads).

terrific, i d/l the newest and it works like a charm. thanks imkidd57 and amiga freak :bow:

I’m glad to hear this good news. Look for updates first, if you have problems. Good luck & happy burning :slight_smile: