Audio Syncing Problem

Well I downloaded the newest version of DVDFab Platinum yesterday. and while the crop feature is really cool, the audio from my American Gangster movies is still not syncing up with the video.

I don’t think there is anything anyone here can do to help me, but I figure if I get it out there that something needs to be fixed that they will start work on it. They’re really good about that.

And so since I am on the subject of something I think the program needs, I think it would be really great if it could convert file types as well as dvd’s. So if you converted a file to be compatible with iPod, but then want to convert the iPod file to generic later on you should be able to. Having to re-rip the dvd every time, or else keep the VIDEO_TS folder on your computer takes up a lot of space. So this feature would really help you out as far as time, and space, and convenience goes.

Thanks for you help in fixing my problem and your consideration of my idea.

P.S. if there is anyone who does know how to fix the American Gangster audio problem I would LOVE to hear from you!!