Audio Syncing Problem

Is there anyone else that is having problems with the audio not syncing to the video when converting from DVD to Generic, or anything else?

If so is there anyway to fix the problem?

I am using DVDFab Platinum version

Thanks to everyone who reads this, and extra thanks to anyone who answers!

Hi Captain,

First off, I’m probably the last person who should be giving advice on mpeg-4 conversions. I’ve been doing it successfully since last March, but still don’t know beans.

This problem seems to come and go for some and for others, it just seems to plague them. I believe most users, like myself, don’t experience this…ever.
If you haven’t already, try 1-pass conversion. This has worked in the past.
I see from your previous post that Pirates 2 is failing.
Is this the only failure?
Of note, I’ve done this flick successfully to Ipod mpeg-4.
Have you fooled with the settings?

Hopefully, Signals or GregRocket will pop in and lend their expertise.
Ting is Fengtao’s conversion guru.
Post your configuration and any other details and/or email him with the same.

Sorry, I can’t be more help with this.

I appreciate your help and yes you are quite right to assume it’s Pirates 2. The only thing is I don’t konw how to do half of what you just suggessted. 1-Pass Conversion? Posting Configuration? Can you tell me how to do that?

Thanks again for helping me!

No problem.
I’ll post my “sweet spot” settings so you’ll have something to start with…
Open Fab > choose [B]Generic [/B](I chose Ipod as seen below) > click [B]Next[/B] > click [B]Configure[/B]
You should see your configuration page.
My settings have never failed me.

As far as posting a screenshot, click on[B] Faq[/B]…3rd from the right on the toolbar near the top of any cdfreaks page > [B]Reading and Posting Messages[/B] > [B]What Are Attachments[/B].

Be back a little later.