Audio synchrony clone dvd mobile


how to resolve problem of audio synchrony with clone dvd mobile ?

I convert a divx file from my hard disk an clone dvd mobile introduce 2 second of latency.

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please help

The next version will greatly improve DivX output (better sync, higher resolutions, subtitle support).

Thank you James!

I was having a problem with audio/video sync using Clone DVD Mobile too. Video seems to be a second behind most audio. I see by this thread it is not anything I am doing wrong. I look forward to the fix.

How about allowing the trial period to be reset with the release that fixes syncing. Can’t do much evaluation until this syncing problem is fixed :slight_smile:

Next version will reset the trial period.


I would like to ask you as well if you’re planning to add auto/manual cropping feature in CloneDVD mobile in upcoming versions.

or for choosing the mp3 bitrate?

this tool is looking better and better

where is the XviD in CloneDVD Mobile, I tried the trial version and I couldn’t find XviD anywhere

Try the Divx profile. Same thing, different name.

it would also be nice if you would see what EXACTLY is being done as program is running. That is, what the profile is, video size, frame rate, and what new audio is going to be

I installed the latest fix but I still have the audio-video sync problem. I see that the update lists the sync problem as having been fixed with some of the video choices but the one I use (Sony PSP) is not listed. Perhaps they weren’t aware that that one has a sync problem as well. The problem comes and goes but if you process a normal sized feature length film, you will see it.

Hello there, I have the same problem but with clone DVD, I’ve been a registered user for quite a while and never seen the problem before, audio is out of sync (defased?) for about a second or so, and english its not my forté and I noticed rigth away. Now this had happen with Just like heaven, dark water, the brothes grimm and wedding crashers… any help out there.
Thanks in advance.

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nevermind, i’m dumb

I am also having sync problems with audio, and video with Mobile, and Ipod. Sound seems to be a second or so ahead of video.
I have Itunes installed. I downloaded the trial yesterday, and have only done 1 movie so far, so possibly this is isolated. I will try a different title tonight and post back my results.
Does anyone else have this problem with these versions of Mobile and Itunes?

I let the computer chug away on another title last night, and put it on the video Ipod this morning, with the same results. Video lags behind audio by 1-2 seconds.
Has anyone found a work around for this?

I am also having this problem with some titles, particularly Madagascar region 2. I am using the latest version of AnyDVD with CloneDVD Mobile.

I am hoping Slysoft will release an update soon to fix this. Any news?

Does anyone from Slysoft have any news as to when an update to CloneDVD mobile will be released?

Sorry to ask again so soon but I bought it last week and these audio issues mean I am not using it at the moment. I have been trying to encode Madagascar R2 to DivX and the audio is out of sync.

Also, slightly off topic but are there any plans to increase the encoding options in the future (wmv, mpeg etc)?

I contacted SlySoft support, and the response back from them was to:
Using AnyDVD…
Disable safemode.
Rip the movie to harddrive with AnyDVD first.
Process this resulting file with CloneDVD Mobile.

However, I have already used this approach, with no change in the problem.
Admittedly, I had used the 2 past versions of AnyDVD when I tried, but the other than the possibility of safe mode being on by default,(which in my case, it was not) there shouldn’t be any difference.
For the sake of being thorough, I will try this today with and post back the results.
Possibly you can do the same if you haven’t already tried this approach.
I realize, that this is not beneficial to getting our problem with CloneDVD Mobile fixed, but take a look here: