Audio synchronization

pls my video and audio stream in an .avi file are not synchron…how to set delay of the audio stream?? can you advice me a software?? thx :bow:

My question is: is, the audio, already un-sync in the AVI or it will become so when you convert the AVI to MPEG?

If it is already un-sync, extract the audio as uncompressing WAV with VirtualDub: do File___Full processing mode and don’t do anything (so the ‘compression’ of the sound will be ‘Uncompressed’). After that, do File___Save WAV. It will create a file large 10.1 MB x length (in minutes). If it isn’t, the AVI had AC3 audio and the ‘WAV’ is an AC3 file (which your PC cannot uncompress). Tell me this, if it is so.

After that, load the WAV with HeadAC3he and choose, in the main screen, ‘destination format’: MP3.
Just under the input filename you have the box ‘delay’ where you can set a nr. to make the sound become in-sync with the video.
After that, press ‘Options’ untill you reach the screen in which you can set the mode CBR (Constant Bit Rate, I don’t know if changing the Preset is necessary) and the bitrate (128 , 160 or 192 kbbs, do what you like).

If the sound is in-sync in the original AVI but un-sync only after after the AVI -> MPEG transformation, do the same with no need to fix a ‘delay’ value. The problem is caused by the fact that the compression MP3 VBR (like for music) was chosen, instead of MP3 CBR.

After yu have the correct stream in MP3 CBR form, start VirtualDubMod and open the AVI file. Do Stream___Stream List. Disable the old audio stream, load the new you just made.
After that, set Video___Direct Stream Copy and save the file (F7) with a new name.

Now the movie should be OK.

firstly…i ripped a dvd with flask mpeg…for audio I chose direct stream copy…then in virtual_dub_mod I loaded the avi file…then streams, stream list…add stream and I added the AC3 audio stream…then F7…and the result is the stream is not synchronized…I have no idea where´s the problem, because I did this order for many times…thx

I answered you to your PM…
I hope the AVI you extract from the VOB set has a resulution like 600x360, not 720x480…

I have a related problem. I also have a video where the audio is out of sync with the video. In the AVI form they’re matched up, the mess-up happens when I convert it to mpg4. I tried editing the mpg4 on Virtual Dub but it wouldn’t open the mgp4. so…any suggestions? could it have something to do with the quality of the converter (from AVI to mpg4)? Thanks!

Save the audio as CBR and then convert it to mpeg4.