Audio Synch Problem After Joining Mpeg's


I have several mpeg2 files that I want to join into one clip. I encoded the files with Tmpgenc Plus, and each file plays perfectly in synch. My problem, however is when I try to join the clips with Tmpgenc. When I first start playing the video, everything is fine, but gets progressively more out of synch as time goes on. Anyone have any ideas what to do? I have used tmpgenc for joining 3 disc svcd’s together to burn onto a dvd, and never had any problems before.

Ho would you make 3 svcd’s (content) make viewable on a video dvd?

It was from a guide I found a couple months ago. Basically you are making a non-compliant dvd, which will not play in all dvd players. It did however play in mine. I think I used DVD-Lab Pro, and just ignored the non-compliance messages.

As for the mpeg joining problem, I think i might of solved it by using AVI MPEG RM WMV Joiner to join the files instead of Tmpgenc. I just wished that Tmgpenc would have worked, becasue I like to keep things simple.

It’s surely because of different audio (sample-rate, overhead…).