Audio Sync w/ Video



Hello. I have been recording with my DVD Recorder TV Shows and such off of my TV via my HD DVR. My question revolves around the audio being in sync with the video.

Is there any way to check for sure whether my shows are being recorded with the audio in sync with the video?



No one has this problem? Or worries about this?

No programs to verify audio/video sync?


Playback on the DVR should show this.


What do you mean playback on the DVR? What I do is record the show to my DVR and then I have a dvd recorder hooked up. I switch to Video 1 to use my dvd recorder. I then burn them to a DVD.

I just figured there was a program that would verify whether the audio was in sync with the video.


No software for verifying/checking if audio is sync for ur video, u nid to try it for urself… trial and error dude =P


Well, I can do my best to determine if it is correct but you can’t be 100% sure.