Audio Sync VOB




    I'm having a real nightmare Syncing the audio on a VOB file, I've tried VideoRedo Plus, but that doesn't work and it isn't that precise, can anyone suggest a program?

A solution would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you!

P.S There aren’t any problems with the Bitrate of the Audio, the Avi was out of sync when I converted it to DVD (VOB).


You say the “Avi was out of sync when I converted it to DVD (VOB).”

Try with AVIDemux to fix audio issue then convert to DVD with same proggie or FAVC…
What tool/proggie have you used to convert AVI >DVD, so far…
Here is a thread that might help…


I tried everything I know to Sync the Audio on the AVI file, AVi Mux and YAAI. YAAI just didn’t save the changes and Avi Mux adjusted about ten minutes of the file and then lost sound for the rest!! It was really driving me crazy, so I converted the file with ConvertX and attempted to adjust the audio with VideoREdo.

I’ve not tried AVI demux, I’ll give it a go!

Thank you!


I’m using Avidemux and so far it’s working fine until it’s time to save, it’s saving the file as something called a “5 file”, and not the AVi I want, I’m sure I’m doing something really obviously wrong, can you help?