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OK CM I have finally got it working thanks to you. I just have to do a lot of conversions but, who cares as long as it works. Now I am looking for a way to boost the volume level my 3.5db’s. I think that I can figure that part out (I think). Thanks again for all your help.

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Originally posted by ChickenMan
… then use AC3Enc ( that comes with Scenarist) to convert the WAV to AC3, …

It does it automatically for you using default settings.

Ok I finally got everything working but the sound is still out of sync. I even tried your way CM of right-clicking the audio in the timeline and clicking the ‘Create Sync Audio Track’. I then chose the movie track click ‘Assign Audio File’ and tick the ‘Sync to Audio Time Code’. After it is finished I compile and after it is done compiling I open up my explorer and double-click one of the ifo files and it starts to play. Right off of the get go it starts getting out of sync and is about 3 1/2 seconds off by the end. The movie length is 1:46:36:13 and after the audio sync file is created the audio file length is 1:46:36:03. 10 one hundredths of a second should not matter (at least to me is shouldn’t). I am going to try it one more time and this time I am not going to tick the ‘Sync to Audio Time Code’ and see what happens. And just to let you know when I play just the AVI file in media player everything is in sync all the way to the end. Must just be one of the AVI’s or me (haven’t figured out which yet). Any suggestions is well appreciated.

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Sounds like the AVI and not you. There is really nothing you can do wrong to get it out of sync, that all comes from the AVI.

Your not trying to convert NTSC to PAL by any chance ? that can cause sync problems.

Also if the audio is out by a constant amont throughout the movie, just use AC3 Delay Corrector from download section to delay or bring forward the audio

The original frame rate was 23.976 which I used Pulldown to change from 23.976 to 29.970. I do believe I have to convert the frame rate to make it DVD compliant either 25 or 29.970. Also the sync is slightly out in the beginning about a tenth of a second and get to about 3 1/2 second out by the end. I tried at one point to change the frequency as you have stated in one of your tutes but, when I tried TMPEGEnc DVD Author it would not except it. Maybe I will try agin with Maestro. It just seems weird that the AVI plays fine by itself but get out of sync when converting. Do you think changing the frequency from 48000 (source) to using the formula you have stated in your tute will work? I can’t remember the exact formula but I think it was something like: New Freq=(Sourec+1/Dest) and I can’t rember the rest (SORRY, I can look it up though).

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You souldnt need to run Pulldown, DVD2SVCD does it automatically for you if required. I’m getting a bit confussed (it is late and I’m tired!) as to what your doing exactly but if you use DVd2SVCD to encode the AVI (as per the Tute) you end up with a Pulldown___.mpv file (if source was at 23.976fps) and an Encoded_Audio_1.mp2 file as well as the muxed Encoded____.MPG file.

Does the *.MPG file play in sync or not ?

I am sorry CM. I quit using that because of the errors I was receiving so, I just create my own AVISynth file in notepad and load it directly into CCE. The script I make is as follows:


I calculate y and z as follows:

y=720/source width*source heigth

example: If source clip is 640x272
then 720/640=1.125*272=y(306)
then 480-306=174/2=z(87)

The source clip is 23.976 fps

I then use Pulldown to get it from 23.976 fps to 29.970fps

I then do the audio. The source clip is an MP3 audio file per GSpot

I then open VirtualDUB MOD and extract the audio as per monaghan’s instructions earlier in the thread.

I then use BeSweet and convert from MP3 to WAV as per your instructions

I then use AC3Enc to convert from WAV to AC3 per your instructions.

I then open up Maestro and compile per your instructions and audio is still out of sync even after I sync audio track in Maestro as per your tute.

Also, the movie length is 1:46:36:13 and the audio length is 1:46:36:03 as per what Maestro says.

I am truely very sorry for not making it known to you that I have changed the way I convert and I will keep in mind in the future to explain all conversions even if I change programs.

Thank You so very much for taking your time to answer and help me with this problem.


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Okay thanks for that.

Can you run DVD2SVCD, load int the AVI, set audio bitrate to 224. Start it running, it will first extract the audio, then convert it to a WAV file before finally using BeSweet to convert to MP2. Stop the program just after it finished making the WAV file. Then convert that to AC3 as above and Author in Maestro.

It its still out of sync then there is simply a problem with the audio in the AVI even though it may play okay. Are you sure the audio is exactly 48.000 khz sample rate and that the avi frame rate is EXACTLY 23.976 fps ?

I downloaded the newest version of GSpot and now my GSpot version is v2.21 (can’t remember what my old version was but, it wasn’t 2.21). As per GSpot this is the following information:

4CC - DIV3/div4
Name - DivX 3 Fast-Motion
Stat - 4 compatible codecs installed
Runtime - 01:46:39 (153,516 fr)
xy - 712x400 (1.78:1) (~16:9)
Bitrate - 776 kb/s
FPS - 23.98
Qf - 0.114 bits/pixel

Name - 0x0055(MP3) ID’d as MPEG-1 Layer 3
Stat - 2 compatible codecs installed
Bitrate - 128kb/s (64/ch, stereo) CBR
FS - 48000 Hz

Also, if I adjust the frequency from 48000 to somthing else will Maestro except it? TMPEGEnc DVD Author wouldn’t…

Also, looking at the bitrate of the audio do you think I shouldn’t go higher that the original (no higher than 128k)?

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There is the problem, the AVI has a frame rate of 23.98 and NOT 23.976. Its slightly out and when CCE encodes it converts it back to 23.976 but not the audio. Use BeSweet GUI to change the frame rate from 23980 to 23976 and convert the WAV to WAV.

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you CM. I tried what you said and I loose the sound when I change the frame rate from 23980 to 23976. I tried it 3 different times and all I can hear is a clicking sound. I takes forever to transcode also. About 5 1/2 hours. Is there any other programs that I would be able to do this with?

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Goldwave has a Time Warp and Sound Forge has a Time Stretch, both could be used.

CM sorry for taking so long to get back to you again but, I have still been messing with that same file. I have encoded 4 other AVI’s by the ways we have said here and by your tutes with no problems at all. I have come to realize that this is just one of those AVI’s with a messed up audio and am quiting on this one. I do appreciate all you help and the time that you have taken out of you busy days to help me with this problem.

Thank You Again

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