Audio sync problems



probably this is off the topic a little bit

but i’ll try it anyway

i’ve got an avi file here that im going to burn to cd

problem is the speech is out of sync with the actions

so that people speak before their mouths move

which makes it look like a cr@py tv cartoon

is there any way to fix it?

im not too sure about how exactly avis work on a technical level, but correct me if im wrong, it’ll be pretty hard to separate the timings and the streams?

sorry if this message sounds a bit terse but i’m tired and i need some sleep … and some beer :wink:



I don’t know if it will work, but you could try opening the file in a movie editing program.
If it is a regular AVI file (not Divx) you should be able to edit in for example Adobe Premiere. The soundtrack should be there for you to modify, but I don’t know if you can sync it (have the enitre soundtrack play faster/slower or let it start eralier/later).

If it is a DivX I am not sure if Premiere will be able to handle it (even when the right codec is installed), but it is worth a try.



I had the same problems when i created my first VCDs and DivX Movies.
Sometimes the Audiotrack is a little bit shorter or longer then the Movie and when you add the Track to the Movie you run out of sync.

Go to:

there you`ll find everything you need.Take a look at troubleshoting…

Good luck…



Also check out when you’re dealing with DivX AVI’s. His guides are the best…


thanks all