Audio sync problem

I have run into an .avi file that upon encoding, goes out of sync. The audio is about a second ahead of the video.

Tried encoding it twice, first on high quality, then again on medium quality.

I doubled checked the source .avi and it is not out of sync.

using the newest version of ConvertXtoDVD. 2.15.173

I have converted nearly 100 video before, and this is the first time I’ve noticed any out of sync audio.

Running the program on XP media center, with a 4200+ x2 processor.

I had the affinity set to one cpu core I believe, or it may have been set to both.

here’s some info on the video file


63kbps (audio)
MPEG Layer-3

25 fps (I was converting it to NTSC)
137kbps (video)

any ideas?

I’m forced to fall back on Nero Vision which I am in the process of encoding right now. :frowning:

I’ll report back and see if nero has the same out of sync issue.

EDIT: I tried checking my log file but for some reason it didn’t record it.

Hi there,

If your .avi file has an audio stream MP3 VBR you may end up with the same issue.

Seems v2.1.5 does have Sync Issues (So I have hear) that should not happen, but VSO is currently working on a new version, and fixing several bugs (Maybe introduced in v2.1.5).

You can try AVIMux-GUI

Or someone else mentioned MP3Freeze wich I have never saw or used.

Those will convert the MP3 VBR to MP3 CBR if I recall.

Good Luck !


I encoded it with Nero and it worked fine, no sync problems.