Audio sync problem

When i play the video on my pc, the video/audio appears in sync. However when i go to play it on my phillips dvp642, the audio falls out of snyc.

What could be the problem? attached is the gspot of the video

The problem is probably due to the audio being at 32kHz sample rate, Demux it out with VirtualDUBMOD, load into Goldwave and Resample to 48000, save and then add it to the avi in VirtualDubMOD removing the original. Set Video to Direct Stream Copy then Save As.

Thanks for the info, only problem i am having is how to remove the original audio. When i add the new converted audio, it allows me to delete it, however it will only allow disable and enable the old audio. Thus when i save as its too big to fit on a cd cause of the old audio file hanging on. The audio is still out of snyc. It appears to get worse over time. These are the biggest problems i have with conversions I can not stand to watch a video where the mouths do not move when the voices are heard.

here ya go