Audio Sync problem on portable DVD Player

I have been burning AVI files through DVD Flick and ImgBurn onto Sony DVD +R DL discs. They have been burning and playing fine on my standalone Sony DVD players, even when ignoring the “end of the world” message and not setting any layer breaks.

But on my portable Toshiba SD-P91S DVD Player, the audio gets out of sync with the video. Even after I set a layer break and burned a DVD again, it did the same thing on the portable player.

Why is this happening on the portable DVD player only?


I think the dvd isnot properly authored then.

How is it not properly authored? It works on the standalone DVD player. Maybe the portable DVD player has an issue with playing burned dual layer discs?

The firmware of some DVD players is more forgiving of badly authored disks. That’s how they get away with some of the cock-a-maimee protection schemes they use. You might try running the ripped disk thru a correction program like FixVTS before you burn it.

Exactly. One device is similar to another but not the same. :wink:

olyteddy: I tried the FixVTS program, but the DVD would not even play on the portable player. It did play on the standalone player. So I am convinced it is the DVD player. How do I control the authoring of the disc? Are there settings in DVDFlick or ImgBurn that I should be changing?

My bad. Just re-read your OP and saw that the source was AVI. iirc DVDFlick uses FFDShow to encode. I’ve read there can be problems using FFDShow with VBR audio. If the original audio is VBR you could try FAVC (ver 1.06 seems to be the best) because it can use HCEnc as the encoder. A newer program, AVStoDVD, can also use HCEnc. HCEnc is about the best free MPEG encoder, although it isn’t as fast as some of them.

You might check the whole video dvd structure by using ifoedit & dvdlab.