Audio Sync prob Nero Vision Exp



I am stuck with Nero Vision Express or I have Audio Sync problems. :frowning:

I have used the patch that is going around and uninstalling and reinstalling, but all versions after have the same problem. :sad:

Any ideas?


What kind of file are you trying to author to DVD? Where did this file originate from?


I too was having many problems with audio not synching or burn failures using avi files.
After trying different suggestions I downloaded VSO Divx To DVD (free) to convert the files first. I then use NVE to create my DVD compilations add menus etc.Unfortunately it means you end up processing the video twice but it does work.
What would be nice if NVE handled audio issues better.


I use nero only for burning. not saying nve isn’t any good but their are alot better programs available. as stated above vso divx to dvd and Dvd2svcd are two of the better free programs IMO


When you encode with Nero Vision, it will check to see if the file you’ve imported is DVD compliant. If it is, it will bypass the encoding. This is what the smart encoding feature does.


Any of the AVI files I burn have the Audio Sync problems, unless I use
Smart encoding feature?


Johnmoon, can you rephrase your question?


I’m having the same problems. I’ve tried burning *.avi files of a number of different TV shows and the sound starts off in sync but then quickly goes out after the first 10 minutes or so. At first I thought it was the files themselves but when I watch them on the PC they are fine.

I’m using version of Vision Express. Any help would be appreciated as it is driving me crazy!




Yeah same problem as me, recently burnt some TV shows to DVD with ne3 and the audio is fine for 10 - 15 mins or so, then just goes totally out of sync, quite annoying as well. I am trying VSO Divx to DVD as mentioned earlier in the post to see how it goes :slight_smile:


Right, I’ve just tried VSO DivX to DVD and it seems to be working. However, unlike in Nero Express I don’t think you can change the quality that you transfer at. So, for instance, I was putting a TV series onto DVD that consisted of 23 episodes of about 40 minutes each. With Nero I could set it to super long play/extended play (I forget what the exact term is) and fit 7 episodes on a disc. With VSO I can only fit 4 per disc :-(.

Still, I’d rather have to use a few more discs and have the audio in-sync than cram them all on the one disc and have it out!

The lack of menu editing is a bit annoying too but beggars ca’t be choosers. Any help that can still be offered would be greatfully received tough!



I’ve had the Sync problem too, not too sure if this really helps but for the last couple of things I’ve created I’ve turned off “Smart Encoding” under the general tab and set the sound to “Stereo” rather than “Auto”, for the video encoding I’ve kept this at 2 passes. This seems to have worked, although it could have just been a fluke with the files that I was encoding at the time. Worth a go though I suppose ??


Once you have got files sync’d correctly (do it to hard disk), you could use Nero Recode to shrink files to fit more on disk if you desire.

Nero Recode is still no good with menus but you could then import shrunken files into Nero Vision Express to create menus (I wouldn’t bother and simply use DVD remote to move between titles).


OK, I’ve used the VSO program to get them sync’d and that seems to have worked great. How do I then shrink these files in Nero Recode? After I’ve done thatI presume I then just burn the Video_TS folder as normal?


Use the “remake a DVD” option. Then navigate to the video_ts folder (presumably on hard disk) containing files. Nero Recode will then analyse the folder and tell you how many titles there are (say 4). You can then select these and add each to the workspace.

Then you might navigate to separate video_ts folder with another 4 titles, and also add these. Nero Recode will automatically adjust sizes. Then you “burn” these to another folder (recommend only burn to hard disk so you can check results) and all 8 will be in one folder. Note: with Nero Recode, you can eliminate unecessary soundtracks e.g. foreign languages or directors commentary etc which minimises degree of shrinking required)

It is difficult to be precise about how much you can shrink a file as it depends on how much movement (fast films do not shrink as well as slow films), what the original bit rate was, audio type etc. Personally, I do not shrink to less than 70% of original size. Below this, I generally prefer to use two disks.

Nero Recode is quite fast (about 30 mins for processing a full DVD and 15-30 mins to burn depending on speed).

It is better if you have two hard drives (i.e. read files from one and “burn” to another) as this helps speed things up…

The use Nero burning ROM and drag files to video_ts folder on a new DVD and burn.

The major downside to Nerio Recode is that it doesn’t create menus. You will have to use remote on DVD player to change between titles - not a big deal.


OK - I shall give that a go. The menus are just cosmetic really and, as you say, not that big a deal.

Thanks very much for you help.



I will give this a try:-) Maybe Smart Encoding is the problem :confused:



I’ve done a couple more since and it “seems” to have done the trick for me. If I get time over the weekend I may try on a file that I’ve had issues with in the past…

Have to let us know how ya get on !! :smiley:


Ok. Looks like it is some old Dr. Who episodes where I was converting PAL to NTSC. Got it to work with some different AVI(s) :slight_smile:

Still don’t understand why the older version of NVE worked :confused:


Can you check AVI(s) for problems and fix them?


Tried the new release of NVE that came out a couple of days ago and still has the audio sync problem on some AVIs.