Audio sync off by with Vegas6.0 but perfect with Cyberlink PowerDVD

I’m trying to edit the scary parts out of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I’ve successfully done this with the first four HP movies, but I’m having audio sync issues (dozens of seconds, not just 1 or 2!).

I used DVD Decrypter to create .VOB files. I then dragged the .VOB into Vegas6.0 and it created a video and an audio track. The audio track is shorter in length than the video track, but even stretching the audio track to match the length of the video track doesn’t solve the problem.

The odd thing is that when I view the .VOB with Cyberlink PowerDVD, the audio syncs from start to finish. All I get is video from the same .VOB in WMP (and a complaint about missing codecs) and the video repeatedly freezes in Nero ShowTime.

I’ve read dozens of “audio sync” posts on, but none of them seem to address my problem.

Please help!



I use Video to MP3 Converter. It extracts audio from different video files. Well I usually convert mpeg4 or avi to mp3