Audio sync off after converting to mpeg

so i converted my video_ts files to mpeg due to nero giving invalid dvd compliance error…and this created more problems. first off they are all seperate mpeg files second when checking quality the audio is off someone please help me Im about to lose my mind… just so u know I have used dvdfab anydvd nero8 dvd shrink dvd decryptor etc etc… what i need is a simple break down of start to finish what i need to do with what program to rip from the original dvd to my back up thus doing away with protection and having my audio in sync I’ve had so many problems and I’ve tried the tutorial posted in another thread about nero but still no luck please help!!!:confused:

What format do you wish to have as the final result? If all you want is dvd-video, you can do a straight rip to the hard drive using the builit-in ripper of AnyDVD, or use DVDDecryter with AnyDVD running in the background. This will give you the full movie, and it probably won’t fit onto a single layer dvd, since most commercial movies are much larger.

If you need to do compression, use DVDShrink or Nero Recode to reduce the ripped files down to size necessary to fit onto a single layer dvd. You can select the main movie if you like using these tools, or compress the whole thing. You can also use these tools with AnyDVD in the background and do the ripping and compression in one step if you like.

If you want just the main movie, and need mpeg2 files, start AnyDVD, then use Vob2Mpg to convert the vob files in your dvd over to one large mpeg2 file. Dvd-video has mpeg2 in vob container files…this program just removes them without encoding or manipulating them in any way, so there is no loss of quality. Mpeg2 files by themselves won’t play on a stand alone dvd player, but it is sometimes helpful to have them joined together if you are going to convert to avi or mpg4.

So, I’m back to my original question. What format are you trying to go to?

thank you for the response and I guess the answer to your ? is it doesnt matter. as long as the format I end with is playable on my dvd player then I dont care. Since I use an xbox 360 as a dvd player it would probably have to be dvd ntsc or if you know of other compatible formats for the 360 then that would work too. thanks again sry to be such a noob

If you have the current version of AnyDVD I would try and use Nero Recode.

Insert your DVD with AnyDVD running, open Recode-> Recode Main Movie to DVD-> Import DVD. Choose DVD-5 and let Nero complete the whole project (usually you only have to keep the Dolby 5.1 audio). When only a little compression is needed Recode does a good job.

If Recode Imports the DVD successfully, you [I]should[/I] have no compliance or audio sync problems.