Audio Sync Issues

For the most part now DVDFab has been working exceptional. I do have a problem with 3 DVD’s (out of about 160 ripped so far).

The setup is burning them to “general” at default settings.

I have 3 Movies “click - UPC 0 43396 14838 3”, “crank - UPC 0 31398 20692 7”, and “the chronicals of narnia - UPC 7 86936 29293 0”.

Each of these movies have the same problem. when you initially play-back the rip, the opening credits fly back at high speed while the audio plays at normal speed. This only lasts about 30 seconds, but it puts the rest of the audio out of sync by 30 seconds for the rest of the movie.

Any known fix?

Hi a804570,
please wait for next update. Fengtao & Ting are fixing at time. My suggestion: Step1: Rip to HD, Step2: Open DVD-folder on HD with DVDFab and then try converting with generic profile. Sometimes conversation works better from HD…