Audio Sync Issues w. Ipad Profile


I am having intermittent audio sync issues (where the sound does not match the action on the screen) using the default ipad rip profile (w. CUDA). Here are some discs where the problem reared it’s ugly head: Mad Men Season 1 (Fab, Rabbit Hole (, and Drive Angry ( On most discs, it works just fine, but in these cases it does not.

Anyone else seeing this problem?

I am re-ripping, Drive Angry using Ipad multi-channel to see if this helps with the problem. (still a little delay).

My system: Win 7 Home Premium 64-bit, AMD 64(x2), GPU (Nvidia 8800), TSST Corp CD/DVD, and DVDFAB


Hi shootsbooz

Please try changing all settings in common settings-> A/V codec to “Software”, course if your graphic card has the lastest driver installed and it supports “Intel Quick Sync” you could give that a try. :wink: