Audio sync issues on Utimate mobile copies

Anyone else have audio sync issues with their DNC Ultimate IPOD mobile copies? I’ve tried several different compression settings without success. I have an iTouch with the latest software version. My setup is a Dell running WinXP Pro SP3/DNC Ultimate When I play the copy via Quicktime on my pc, I get the same results. The resulting copies are pixelated as well. I’ve opened a ticket with DNC Support and am waiting for a response from them.

This was a known issue with DNCv.2. I was hoping it would have been fixed before Ultimate was released. If anyone has found a setting or a workaround that works, please share and post it here. Thanks.

Support ticket is the best option right now to be honest.

Thanks. DNC Support’s reply was basically instructions on how to convert to a mobile copy. :rolleyes: My reply was that I already knew how to make the mobile copies. I was looking for help on how to fix the sync problem.

All my sync issues went away with Ultimate. Maybe you should try a fresh install. Or maybe updating audio drivers or a new audio codec pack or somthing.

What mobile device and compression settings are you using? My Ultimate installation is new with the latest revision. I’ve even tried creating Zune (avi) copies with same results.

I honestly think the IPOD & Zune setting (any of them) are over compressing is what I think.

I’ve received word from DNC that an update to Ultimate is being released next week that may fix the sync issues.