Audio Sync Issues Gone?


Took the plunge and installed the new packs released earlier this week.

I’ve had a bit of a play with NVE and I think the MPEG issues where they fail to load & the Audio Sync problems are gone :smiley: I’ve tried it with a couple of files I’ve had problems with and they seem to have worked fine…


NVE seemed to fix the a/v sync problem when authoring DVD’s from MPEG2 files. Hopefully, the problem did not reappear in

The a/v sync problem when authoring DVD’s from divx files remains. I use another program for that. (I think it’s called Dvixtodvd, and it’s free and fast).

Ahh was it issue narrowed down to DivX, thought it was all AVI’s, may have been a bit over optomistic then. Bum.

I haven’t tried authoring DVDs from standard avi files. Just divx and mpeg2, and the divx still have problems.


I have a couple of DivX 3 files here I can try, once the weather has cooled down a tad I’ll run them through NVE and see what I get… I agree though MPEG2’s seem to be fine now…