Audio sync issue



HI guys and gals im hoping you can help me with a little problem i have.

for this example, we will use my DVD series ‘Shogun’. I own a legit copy of this series, but my disk 3 is so scratched i can no longer play it. I have managed to borrow a copy of the same origional disks and i wish to replicate the disk 3.

the software i use is:
ImTOO dvd ripper
DVD Region+CSS Free
Nero 7 ultra

Now, before you come to an answer too quickly, this is exactly what i need and you guys have the skill that i am lacking so im hoping you can cure my ills.

i wish to copy a dvd thru Imtoo into a format that will play on the PC, but can also be copied directly to a disk without conversion so it will play on a dvd player with no audio desync.

ihave tried avi mpg and mp4 e.c.t
mp4 wont play on my dvd player for some reason and the other 2 play uot of audio sync and if both mpg and avi are on the same disk only one type will show.

also i play with the resolution and bit rate to make each file no larger than 1.1 gigs so save on disks.

Please could you advise me on the best custom format to use in Imtoo to create my PC files and then and special instructions for nero to get it onto disk without audio desync.

thanks guys!!