Audio Sync - Disney DVDs

So I’ve searched the forums and have seen others with the same issue, but no resolution. I am running DVDFab (love it, by the way! :bow:) using the DVD to Mobile option (iPod) and am having the audio sync delays others have experienced. I’m trying Beauty and the Beast, National Treasure 2, and some other Disneys. Is anyone else still having this issue and/or do you know of a resolution?

I have also tried extracting the DVD using “RipIt4Me” and “DVDDecrypter” in Movie only mode, which gets the specific movie extracted and plays fine in PowerDVD. I still get the audio sync issue when trying to convert that.


make sure you have pathplayer set to “always enabled”

Just tried that and still have the audio sync problem.

Did you look through the threads in the mobile forum at the top of the forum page

I have read through many threads, all of which seem to indicate that one or many people had an issue (usually an older version of DVDFab), but no solutions were presented. It appears that Ting has been working non-stop to try and resolve these types of issues over the past couple of years, and sometimes a new release fixed some of the problems, but the previous thread on Beauty and the Beast DVD didn’t have a resolution. Not the end of the world or anything, I’ll try jumping through a few more hoops with some other software, like FFmpeg. If I find anything out, I’ll post here. If anyone has any other suggestions, I’d love to hear.


So, my solution was to extract using RipIt4Me and DVDDecrypter (movie only). I then used DVDShrink under author mode and took the movie and merged it in to a single VOB file. I then used Avanti-GUI (with ffmpeg) as MPEG4 video with AAC audio and it built the iPod capable MP4 fine without any audio sync issues. The only thing I haven’t done is setup Avanti-GUI to crop so I don’t have some of the black border around the video.

While this solution worked fine for me in this case, I stand firm that I will always be using DVDFab (:bow:) first when converting. If I have issues, the alternative above (lots of steps… yuck) seems to handle the odd-ball situations.